2009. április 27., hétfő


Yesterday I passed 34. Gush, time is running and I'm not flying these days. Just working hard. Waiting for the one month summer holiday. I'll have a month to complete the IR/ME training. This will put me over 200 TT. And the hard part will come only after these things are set.
A year ago with my fresh PPL I was preparing for the Puma Air Rally. This is a memorial flight to places where Hungarian II World War pilots were shut down. We did some cool formation flying. The rally lasted six hours. It was one of my best rides to this date. After the rally I was flying back to LHTL from LHJK I had to awoid a thinderstorm. When I landed and vacated the runway to give way for a Morane a beautyful rainbow was spreading over us. This year unfortunately I won't be able to participate, office and office.

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