2008. november 27., csütörtök

Welcome to this Flying in Maun, Botswana Help

Just a few words about me...
I am an Art Director of a major Hungarian economical magazine. And had my own clientele too. So, the party was on... Not a huge one, but things were rollin'
But at the age a 31 I woke up one morning and realized that I'm not doing what I always wanted. Yepp, there was no flying at all.
Took my photographer buddy on a ride

So I started to fly. Made PPL, flew some 100+ hours, completed a CPL course and realized that if I wanna go on I need to find a pilot job. But sill have to fly some 100 hours to make my CPL valid. And during this time I had to realise that from my Easter uropean income it is almost impossible to become a pro pilot. No chance of gathering the money fore some 1000 TT and multiengine and all that stuff that you probably know if you've got to this blog.
Turning to final at LHJK

And I have enough of sitting in the office from 9to5. But I'm still doing it... the story is just starting to unfold.

And this was when I've found Maun in Botswana. The light at the end of the tunnel.

And then it took a while, until I gathered the information.

I made this post to gather the information and sort out the essentials, also to help guys like me who decideded that thay are ready to go wherever flying jobs are.
So give me a few days until I sort the material and post it here.

I "stole" the majority of information from these guys (they started or replied to threads regarding Maun on PPRUNE.com, and were helpful on other forums too), respect:
Der absolute Hammer (he's not the Maun lover, but he points out a few problems that may occur there, and he knows the hoop snakes)
Gavin S and Brett JF (who helped on Facebook without even knowing me)
Jono (aka maunpilot)
Ludwig JR (who helped a lot in the name of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, respect mate!)
Swamp Rat (I don't know who he is in reality but he's on the site)
Solid Rust Twotter (thanks for the hairspray)
waiterpilot (after serving enough trout he landed in Maun, a bit like a Douglas Adams story you know: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish)

And lots of others from PPRUNE and other places.

Coming up next: the info!

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