2008. november 29., szombat

Let's go on! part III.

Money you need for "surviving" untill you get the job:
Around P200/day (20 Euros) while looking for work. You'll probably spend less, including a fair drinking allowance. Work out how long you're prepared to stay without a job and add 2 months on low pay before you get online.

well yo ain't goin to buy your first yacht from this money but hey, it is not why you are here. Expect around 800 euros monthly. Some operators offer housing/allowances.

What if anything happens to you out there? Probably no sane insurance company will be available if you tell them that you wanna be comercial pilot in Botswana. But no worries, companies will take care of this as soon as you get hired.
 What I surely know is that at Mackair you get a nice healthcare insurance for emergency flights out to SA. In case of something happens!
And finally FLYING IN MAUN:
If you have a 206 rating... great, if not... well, get a rating as this will increase your chances of getting into the system quicker. Also, any aircraft on your current license that you have flown for less that 5 hours will not be endorsed on your Botswana license!
If you get hired the company will train you in bush flying. This is usually 50 hours flying.
You will be starting out on the 206’s (kavango and moremi start on the 172’s). Long term pilots move up to the caravans (turboprops), and twins. Will be flying approximately 800-900 hours a year.

Some more info to sum it up, and we're done!

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