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So, the facts! part I.

...you probably have enough of all the crap that I was posting you here. Maybe you are like me, you don't care where you are going if there's a flying job waiting for you.

Here are the facts (stolen from a guy who served trout before he went to Maun and completed from stuff from here and there):

The Operators:
Sefofane: Caravan/Cessna206/
Cessna172/Airvan (www.sefofane.com)
Moremi Air: Caravan/Islander/
Cessna210/Cessna206/Cessna172 (www.moremiair.com)
Kavango Air: Caravan/
Cessna206/Cessna172 (www.kavangoair.com)
Delta Air: Islander/
Cessna210/Cessna206 (www.okavango.bw/air.html)
Mack Air: Caravan/Airvan/
Cessna210/Cessna206 (www.mackair.co.bw)
Safari Air: Babyvan/Caravan/Islander/Airvan/
How to get a job:
Forget emailing. If you decided you'd like to go just go to Maun between October and February! You can send off CV's to the companies, but they won't hire you unless you are on their doorstep, looking imploringly into their chief pilot's eyes (this is very important).
C206 rating with at least five hours on type (instrument rating is a bonus's but not required). Age is not really an issue.
Expect 1-2 years contract minimum. And you won't even regret it.
Quote Dupre:
You won't be able to arrange any permits in advance, as you need to have a firm job offer before you can apply. By all means email the companies before you go - that's a very good idea. But don't expect them to hire you before they have met you.
Quote theRealFlyingNomad:
... knocking at "charter companies"'s doors...and having the usual "come back tomorrow, not now"...or "yes, you interest us, but come back in a month"...and then , by pissing those guys off day after day, ending up a few days, weeks, or month, actually flying for them..
Quote alexace:
All the companies want to get to know you and it is the pilots and the rest of the staff that make the decision. The presumption is that everyone can fly, we all have CPLs, so the emphasis is on if you're a nice guy, fit in, and they believe you want to be here for a couple of years.
Oh yes, and the minimums:
Well 200 hours valid CPL will be enough.

More info coming up...

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