2010. május 28., péntek

Back home

Sorry for not posting since a while. After an adventurous trip home I was happy to be with my family.
But soon I got a call from one of the Hungarian FTO's asking me if I'd work for them. As they offered me a quite nice package I accepted the job. And it is most important that I am free to leave the company anytime. So at the moment am working. And thanks to the decent package am doing the MEIR upgrade - with a DA42 - and the CFI training as well.

This should be a good option until the next hiring season starts in Botswana and Namibia or Tanzania. Great times, great times...

And now some flying with my buddy SAS in the fantastic little Zlin 226SM Trener taildragger.

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Névtelen írta...

Coo i want to learn how to fly too!

Nice blog!