2009. május 20., szerda

Word from Maun

Here's a situation report from "ground zero" (THX flying paddy):
I will try to give you an honest run down on what is happening here. Firstly it is very busy in Maun at the moment and any rumours of a recession are just that. I was chatting to one of the owners this week and they admitted that they did not have enough aircraft or pilots. So that is a very good sign.
Unfortunately it is too late to take advantage of this years boom as such, there is no way anyone is being hired at the moment as it is just to busy to train and get folks on line. The law here is a bit different and it is a bit of a pain to get all your licence and paperwork done quickly.
Now plans for the future! Well that is not so great I am afraid. The word on the street is that due to the recession bookings at the lodges are down on next year so far. (This years flying was booked a while ago) This has a direct knock on effect on the operators. If you do want to experience flying here (and it is fantastic) then you will need too weigh up the odds. There is no point in coming here before Xmas, all the hiring is done in the New Year during the off season. (There is time to train you etc). You also most absolutely come here no one has ever been hired any other way.

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