2009. május 18., hétfő

My buddies...

... are doing their line training at WizzAir. One will be based in Prague (one of the most beautiful and exciting cities) the other will be based in my natal city Timisoara.
Wizz is the largest lowcost airline in Eastern Europe and owned by Hungarianns. With a constantly growing fleet of A320's it seems that it is not effected by the downturn. They are constantly hiring. This company is a good starting place for midtimers (with 700-1000 TT). My first instructor is also flying for them. He'll shortly become a captain.
Well it is good to know that by the time I might be coming back from Africa there'll be a few captain buddies at Wizz. The more I am into this "business" the more I have to realize that proper networking is one of the most important factor in getting a pilot job.

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