2009. január 30., péntek

It's all about the ride!

I'm no dreamer but if you lived in Eastern Europe with the same flight training fees as in the western part of Europe but with far lower incomes you'd have no illusions. Working your guts out (and I mean working in pretty serious business) just to fly a bit and build some hours - besides having to pay a load of other stuffs and having a family - you'll become hell of a relistic guy. You'll realize that if you want the ride then you have to go where the ride is. If that place is the Antartctica then go there. Or anywhere else. And from this comes that if you want the ride then you need to sacrifice a lot of things. 
Yepp, as I previously wrote ol' donkeytown isn't downtown New York, not even downtown Nyíregyháza (badass Hungarian city), but it could be the center of the world for some dedicated guys. I see this like it were Muroc (now Edwards AFB) back in the late 40's. One of the last few places where dedicated starters can hook up seriously into the world of aviation. If you get there it will give you all that you wanted. But you won't get anything without givin (up) something else.
So for me Maun is like light at the end of the tunnel, which I never hoped to really see, but was too fanatic to confess it to myself. And I know that it is the place where I must go and try to find a flyin' job, 'cos if not I'm going to regret it my hole life (there's always going to be that what if). And I can't be pessimistic about it and cannot stop smiling even if I look like a dumbass. Even with the economy down for the moment.

Good luck to you all. 
Take care, and my mom told me to fly low and slow!
And hey, here's my beauty little chick, already 6 months old

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