2009. január 12., hétfő

Good to see that...

people all over the world are interested in this site. Maybe it is even helpful for some.
Since I've placed the ClustrMap here I can see how wide the range of Maun wannabees is.
Feel free to comment on this blog, or drop me an email, so that I know if it helped or if it's just crap. If you liked it or not.

Just the first few days:
Hungary (HU) 13
Spain (ES) 6
France (FR) 4
United States (US) 4
Poland (PL) 4
Austria (AT) 2
Croatia (HR) 2
Netherlands (NL) 1
Norway (NO) 1
Canada (CA) 1
United Kingdom (GB) 1
Botswana (BW) 1
Japan (JP) 1
Lebanon (LB) 1
India (IN) 1
South Africa (ZA)1

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