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Working with Susi Air in Indonesia

My buddy, flying with Susi Air in Indonesia decided to help low houred people, and started a blog on the ups and downs of getting a job with Susi and how flying in that area is. The blogs name is Working for Susi Air - Interview First Officer C208B and clicking on it will take you there. As Susi also hires low timers and as I have a couple of friends flying there, and everybody is satisfied with working for them I think it is a good idea to let you guys know about this new blog. Not to mention that it is a great opportunity for a low timer to jump into a Caravan...
Here is the intro of the blog: Susi Air has long been a great opportunity for low hour CPL pilots fresh out of flight school and even as a stepping stone for pilots with a few more hours. Flying new Cessna Grand Caravan C208B G1000's in and around Indonesia in a multi-crew, full SOP environment has meant that many Susi Air pilots have become very attractive to airlines once they leave Susi Air. As such it is a great stepping stone and a good kick starter for any young pilot's career!

Low Time Pilot's Guide to African Bush Flying - 12.99€

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Never considered bush flying in Indonesia. At the moment I'll stick with Africa. There seems to be a good opportunity for work over there.