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Seems that we have a nice Namibian veterans reunion here in Dar es Salaam, especially at Coastal Aviation. 
The god thing of flying out of here is the variety of destinations. From paved international airports out into the bush and from there some island hopping. And all that in the sturdy Caravan. Or the PC-12. Fly out in the bush VFR, go back to one of the major airports in IFR. 
An island of the Songosongo archipelago
You don't even have to fly out of Dar for the fun to begin. Conflicting things on runway are not just giraffes, rhinos, and other animals.
One of my colleagues lined up runway 05, applied takeoff power and then while doing the takeoff run he sees that on the other end of the runway a Tanzanian People's Defence Force Air Wing Chinese made jet trainer (yellow painted Hongdu JL-8) is lining up in front of him. Massive abort.
Over the Selous
The Air Force is also doing flights out of Dar. And they radio on a separate frequency - if they radio... It is up to the ATC to forward any message in case of conflict, but hey, it did not happen.
5H-POA leaving Ruaha
Companies here are not your tipical low time hiring ones. But a very good next step for someone over 1000TT.  Especially if you have some time on the Van. Nevertheless from time to time you might get lucky and get hired with lower hours for a 206 job. 

Low Time Pilot's Low Time Pilot's Guide to African Bush Flying - 12.99€

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