2012. március 26., hétfő

210 ditching on the Etosha Pan

African Profile Safaris' Cessna V5 PTL plane crash-landed on the Etosha Pan on 2nd of January.
After ditching in the water
The plane had the pilot and an American tourist couple on board. They were flying from Ongava (FYNG) to Immelmann Airfield (FYIM) in Caprivi when it crashed into the Etosha Pan's water. The cause is suspected to be engine failure.
During disassembling
A helicopter of Expedite Aviation was hired to search for the plane and its passengers. The passengers and the pilot sustained minor injuries and the SAR helicopter brought them to safety. 
Ready to be transported to Windhoek
For investigation purposes the airplane had to be taken to Windhoek. And it had to be taken apart on site so it fits on a trailer.
Back those days flying as my wing (and was owned by Wings Over Africa).
The C210 in the background is V5-KIN of Bataleur Aviation

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