2012. február 3., péntek

Good bye Malév

Waking up this morning and seeing that Malev (the Hungarian Airlines) went down was saddening. A piece (or maybe The Piece) of Hungarian aviation history disappeared. 
Ju52 at Budaörs airfield in the 30's
Maszovlet Li-2 (Soviet copy of the DC3) at the beginning of the 50's.
Later MASZOVLET became Magyar Légiforgalmi Társaság (Hungarian Airlines)
A Malév Li-2 at Ferihegyi Airport
Malév Il-18,
with the most beautyful paint scheme that the airline carried
A MALÉV TU-154 in the mid 70's at Ferihegyi Airport (now Liszt Ferenc International)
Low passing Boeing 737 in front of the Hungarian parliament
on one of the 20th of August parades
Fokker at Debrecen Airport, 2006
Q400 low pass at Ferihegyi Airport. For Malév's 65th birthday
a couple of airplanes were painted according to the scheme used in the 60's
Good bye Malév!
Last radio call

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