2011. november 14., hétfő

Pilot job opportunity in Libreville, Gabon

There is a fabulous pilot job opening suited even for low timers in Gabon. The Wildlife Conservation Society is looking for a pilot. Here comes the job description and contacts where you can send your CV's:

They are looking to recruit a pilot for their Cessna 182 in Gabon.
Job basically is: managing the WCS plane (organising maintainence etc); undertake surviellence flights over the national parks and their boundaries (for example checking out logging road locations; mining; camps; plus coastal for trawler locations); wildlife surveys (whales, turtle nests, elephants in the savannahs etc).
Photo: Andreas Stoeckl, Airliners.net
They'd like a pilot with at least 400 hours; PPL ok; preferable with US FAA licence; experience with forest conditions.
Hopefully interviewing the week of the 28th Nov. Starting ASAP!
UPDATE: the job has been taken, do not send more CV's.

Good luck to you all!

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