2009. augusztus 4., kedd

Back on track

Well vacation is gone. Nothing really happened. Except some B737NG sim flying. A few amateur but simulator enthusiasts here in Budapest decided to build their own B737NG and A320 sim. The outcome is pretty cool. I had the oportunity to try their 737 sim wich was a pretty awesome experience. Did some SID's, STAR's and had a high altitude double engine failure over Greece enroute to Korfu. Survived it. If you wanna check it out here's the link: HighFly Aviation
Still building my time and ratings, but due to some financial stuff this goes pretty slowly.

My AHA friend Marcel has pointed me towards Nyassa Air Taxi in Malawi. I also exchanged a few mails with one of their former pilots. Nyassa is owned by Austrians and has a crew of Europeans.

Like Sefofane they also published a PDF with their requirements for wannabees and also some info on Malawi flying and some useful links. You might want to download it here.

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Hypo írta...

Cool pics, Highfly is very interesting:)